Christmas Gift Guide for Organic Gardeners

Treat your favourite organic gardener to the gift they have always wanted with this Christmas gift guide, for that special someone who is impossible to buy for!

What to Grow Through Winter

Some people want trips to the Costa del Sol to sunbathe or New York to shop-til-you-drop, but we gardeners have a slightly different sense of fun. So this week I packed up my bags for my first “holiday” for about 2 years and took myself to Wales. West Wales to be precise. Like any otherContinue reading “What to Grow Through Winter”

How to Save Seeds; Top 5 Easy Seeds To Save

Seed saving is an important and powerful act. Too often seeds are treated like a commodity that can be bought, sold, discarded or disrespected. But we need to think about where our seeds come from. Often seeds are produced on seed farms, where conditions have to be so closely monitored to prevent cross-pollination or incorrectContinue reading “How to Save Seeds; Top 5 Easy Seeds To Save”

How to Harvest Winter Squashes and Pumpkins

This time of year is pretty exciting, for some of us it might already be time, and others will be patiently waiting to harvest those long-awaited pumpkins and winter squashes. From a sowing in April, they should be almost done by now and ready to tuck up into your pantry for eating over winter. WinterContinue reading “How to Harvest Winter Squashes and Pumpkins”