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About Becky Searle

Becky Searle is a freelance gardening writer and kitchen gardener. She has a regular feature in Kitchen Garden Magazine and writes for Homes and Gardens Magazine, Bloom Magazine and Gardener’s World Magazine. Her own garden has been featured in The Guardian and Modern Gardens Magazine.

In 2022 and 2023, Becky was shortlisted for the Garden Media Guild’s Environmental Journalist of the Year.

Outside of gardening and writing, Becky enjoys paddle boarding, real ale and hiking, not necessarily in that order!

Find out more about Becky here.

Come and say hello to Becky on her Social Media channels. Becky has over 100,000 followers over Instagram, Facebook and X. She also has her own Podcast titled The Seed Pod, and a YouTube channel.

Becky loves to enhance the magic of gardening by explaining the natural processes that take place in our gardens. One of her best skills is her ability to explain scientific theories in a simple way. Becky is passionate about soil health and making well-informed decisions in the garden based on science.

Becky’s passion for gardening has seen her giving talks and workshops up and down the country, as well as writing regular blogs and features for magazines. Becky is based in Devon, where she grew up. She has lived in Norfolk, Hampshire, London, New Zealand and even Brazil and travelled a lot. Fascinated with the natural world, Becky enjoys exploring new places and learning about ecology and gardening across the world.

Becky’s Garden

Becky has changed gardens several times in the last few years due to changes in personal circumstances. But, she has created a garden everywhere she goes. The garden that she has nowadays is a new-build property garden. When she moved in December 2022, it was a blank canvas. Becky has planted the garden and created a haven for wildlife using a mix of perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs and vegetables.

The garden went from being devoid of life – including plants – to being filled with the buzz of bees and chatter of birds in under a year. Becky now has three resident hedgehogs and a squirrel. Follow her Instagram page for more frequent updates on this garden.

Becky with her new greenhouse in January 2023
Becky Searle's Garden September 2023

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