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For every calorie of food that arrives on our plates in the western world, between 10 and 12 calories of fossil fuels have been used to get it there.
We can change this and empower each other to take back control.

I offer tailored talks, seminars, workshops and one to one sessions on a wide range of subjects around sustainability, biodiversity, gardening, vegetable growing and food production.

Drawing on my years of experience in Horticulture, grow your own gardening, large scale agriculture and ecology, I tie all these things together to bring you simple and effective advice on how to live more sustainably. I believe that growing food is a way of becoming more in touch with nature and also of gaining resilience in a world that is more and more controlled by large scale food production.

Growing food is wonderful for our wellbeing and also our health. I can help you discover the joy of growing food whilst also experiencing the many benefits for ourselves and our families.

One to one

Would you like to better understand how your garden works, so it can work for you? Or perhaps you would like help planning your vegetable patch to maximise yields? Ask me how I can help.


Would you employees be excited about the opportunity to grow a little greener? I love to impart my passion for gardening, grow your own and sustainability. I can give talks, seminars and workshops in person and online to fit with your needs.


I have worked with numerous companies to promote products, services and campaigns within the world of horticulture. I also work with companies to improve their sustainability strategy and work towards a greener future.

Companies I have worked with…

You did ‘Sow Much More’ than I could ever have expected. Your talk was fantastic, completely engaging and interesting and you brought it right back to the core issue which is what we’re all about

Susan Ryan – Ulster Bank

Let’s grow greener together.

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