I believe in growing greener through understanding of natural processes and using science to make good decisions about our gardening. We can make our world a greener place, starting with our gardens, allotments and growing spaces. It just takes a little knowledge.


Soil Science For Gardeners

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Dig into the fascinating world of Soil. As gardeners we are told that healthy soil is the most important part of a healthy garden, and it’s true! But very few gardeners understand what health soil is, and how to create and maintain it. Soil Science for Gardeners is designed to give you a good knowledge of the natural processes and systems within the soil that not only help our plants to grow but also help to create a garden that is lower maintenance and less prone to natural disasters! Study at your own pace in your own time to supercharge your garden.

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Learn more about gardening, ecology and botany with my interactive webinars. Places are limited so that you can get the most out of it, so be sure to sign up.

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