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Affordable Garden Office – How to Get a Garden Room for Less

Finding an affordable garden office can be a minefield. Let me tell you how I got my garden room for less, and read until the end for a £250 discount on your new garden office!

A garden office can free up room in your home and allow you to work from home comfortably and in style. And you don’t have to use it as an office; the spaces are incredibly versatile.

Garden offices can be very expensive, particularly since the cost of materials has increased so much in recent years here in the UK. But, since we have all started spending more time working from home, garden offices are becoming more and more popular.

Why Get a Garden Office?

According to the latest research, building a garden office is the best way to add value to your home. However, if you want to make the best return on your investment, you will want to get a good deal on your garden office in the first place.

If you work from home regularly, setting up an office space in your house is essential. Having a proper desk and chair will significantly improve your posture and ability to continue working. Additionally, having an office in the garden, as opposed to in the house, creates a small “commute”. This puts some space between you and the life admin that may distract you from work.

Of course, you don’t have to use it as an office either. You can use a garden room as a gym, an art studio, a playroom, a games room, a bar or simply somewhere to enjoy your garden. The possibilities are endless.

Affordable Garden Offices Make A Great Investment

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Garden Office?

Most garden offices don’t need planning permission. In fact, they are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get more inside space on your property. If you are building your garden room near a public right of way, such as a pavement, you may need to seek permission. But more often than not, they are classed as a permissive development and permission is not needed.

How Much Does a Garden Office Cost?

Garden rooms vary in price depending on your desired size and specifications. To make your garden office useable all year round, you must opt for one that is fully insulated. This significantly increases costs but elevates your space from a fancy shed to a proper office. A fully insulated garden room will add more value to your home than an uninsulated one, as it is a much more usable space.

We got quotes for several different-sized garden offices, ranging from £19,000 to £26,000 for similar designs, with flooring and electrics on top of that. Our only requirements were that it had to be insulated so we could use it during winter and have glass doors so it gets plenty of natural light. We wanted to find an affordable garden office, but every quote we got came with a lot of hidden expenses.

The office we bought cost us £14,990*, including flooring and electricity, and here’s how we did it. Read on for how to get £250 off your new garden office.

*price may be subject to change – see Eco Homes Company website.

Pre-Fab is the Affordable Garden Office Choice

The Trehaus Pod by Eco Homes Company is a stylish and practical pre-fabricated and affordable garden office. Because it is made off-site, it is much quicker to install, reducing the impact on your space whilst the build is being carried out. And it is much more cost-effective. They are a standard size and design, though they can be tailored a little to meet your needs with a choice of flooring. It comes fully installed and ready to move in within a few days.

For us, this was a revelation. The design suited us well, and whilst other companies had a lead time of 3-6 months, Eco Homes Company could install our garden room in a matter of weeks from taking our order. The guys were here for a few hours to install the base, which comes in the form of some ground screws with concrete pillars. Then, the office took three days to put up, seal and finish.

We painted it a lovely willow green to help it blend in with the garden and moved straight in!

Get a Garden office For Less Money by going with a Trehaus Pod

How to Get an Affordable Garden Office

One of the best ways to get a garden office for less money is to buy a pre-fab one. As a garden room builder, designing and working out how to build a product takes time. Travelling to your property to construct a bespoke building also takes time and expense.

The benefit of using a pre-fab garden office is that is minimises all those expenses, reducing your costs. It’s just like the difference between buying a suit off the rack or getting one tailor-made. That’s what makes these garden offices cheaper.

Affordable Garden Office

Why I love the Trehaus

I’m one of those people who will research something for months before spending any money (unless it’s plants, of course!). I want to know that I won’t be spending my hard-earned cash on something I won’t love. And most of all, I wanted it to be an affordable garden office. I needed to feel like I was getting good value for money.

We decided to go with the Trehaus as the design is really stylish and there is plenty of space inside for me and my partner to have a working space each. The insulation is amazing, so we can still use it in winter. Plus, it comes with an electric heater pre-installed. The heater is efficient and programmable, so you can warm up the space before entering it, which works great for me and my cold feet!

The doors are large double sliding doors, which don’t take up extra space in the garden. They can be open wide during the summer, though the insulation is such that it’s often cooler inside the building than out. Our door stays closed to preserve this!

It is also really secure; the glass is toughened. The locks are home-grade, so you can always leave all your work equipment in them.

For more information on the Trehaus affordable garden office, click here. But don’t forget to use the contact form below for £250 off!

Your Trehaus Pod Discount Code

Getting a garden office can completely change your home, giving you more space for living and a separate area for working. I want to make your garden office even more affordable. So I have teamed up with the Eco Homes Company to bring you a £250 discount code on the Trehaus Pod. All you have to do is email them and mention Sow Much More! Hopefully this will give you more spare cash to buy yourself some office furniture and make it feel like home.

I would love to hear from you if you order a Trehaus. And I hope you love it as much as I do!

To upgrade your home and garden with this beautiful affordable garden office with a £250 discount. Just fill in the form below, letting us know where you live, and we will get back to you:

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Disclaimer: Offer is subject to availability and reasonable travel distances for the Eco Homes Company (based in Bristol). They reserve the right to not service your area.

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